April 9, 2009

Buffalo Boots by Ky

The Kyote made me up a pair of hand sew buffalo hide boots. He duct tapes a sock on my foot and custom makes the pattern. He then added Ithaca Peak turquoise cabbed and set by Bill as buttons.
I am spoiled.


Anonymous said...

My, you certainly are spoiled, Szarka. Your Kyote is very talented. I love his work.


ChezChani said...

Ooohhh those look so comfy!!

Lou's addictions said...

These are awesome boots, I love tthe turquoise buttons.

ELM said...

Beautiful work Kyote!! Girl you are sooo spoiled!!!! lol

eve said...

These are absolutely wonderful. You're really lucky.

Texas Wire Twister said...

Wow - eyepopping! That should keep the snakes from biting your ankles, ha!

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