June 6, 2009

Creative Slump

I have not made jewelry in a long time. Every time I look at my work bench I become nauseous. I thought it was a deep seated psychological issue. Maybe I was working too hard on the bead business. I was at a loss.

Acupuncture, movement workshops, self help books, and more trying to figure out the creativity crash.

I decided I would never make jewelry again. I thought reverse psychology might work.

Everyday, hundreds of times a day I came up with a new design ......... but would not do it.

I went to a jewelry meet up the other day and someone made a crack about my looking at my wire from the end of my extended arm and about my 40 year old eyes needing glasses. Someone else remarked how I use those cheater reading glasses and I piped up with the fact that they make me so nauseous after I make something I am motion sick for the rest of the night.


So my body has been reacting in advance to the torture I was about to put it through.

I guess I either need minions to make my designs or .......... I have to go get real glasses eh?

Lets hope jewelry starts to spike out of me once I have them on. I will post a picture. Oy.


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