June 1, 2019

Cleansing Crystals and Gemstones for Metaphysical Use

Cleansing Crystals

Crystals are used to protect and heal. In the process, they collect negative and/or unwanted energies from you and that around you. Just like our bodies, they need a wash every now and then. There are many ways to cleanse and recharge your crystals.

Some gemstones you must cleanse carefully or you could damage them. Some you cannot get wet. Some you should not leave in the sun, as they will fade. Some you should not heat. And, some do not go well with salt. If you are unsure, do a little research into the kind of crystal you have and the best way to cleanse it.

In just about all methods you need a container. When choosing your container, opt for something with natural properties like glass, large shells, porcelain, etc. Stay away from plastic.


When choosing your method listen to your intuition. I prefer smudging. I use White Sage most often. This way is simple, convenient and smells wonderful. It is hands down, my favorite smell. It brings me comfort while also cleansing my home and self of negative energies.

To cleanse with SMUDGE, you can use your choice of herb. There is sage, cedar, sweetgrass, juniper, tobacco, incense, and others. Use what brings you the most comfort and peace of mind.

Traditionally, you use something to represent the elements while you smudge. An abalone shell is used to hold the smudge, this will represent the water. The herb burned will represent the earth. The flame will represent fire. The feather used to fan the smoke will represent air. Open a window in order to usher out unwanted energies. (It is a good idea to smudge yourself before you smudge your area or an item.)

Light your smudge and blow on it or fan it. Once it has a good deal of smoke rolling, use your feather to fan the smudge. Begin with yourself and then your gemstones. While doing so, pray. I always give thanks for the things that I have been blessed with, followed by my prayers for the release of negativity surrounding me. I then ask for protection and shielding of negativity and unwanted energy.

(Please be careful with these methods as they all burn easily which means embers can drop off and start a fire, and if they aren't completely extinguished they can start burning again when you walk away. I set it in a sink once I think it is out just to be sure.)

This is my way and you may have been taught differently. Do what makes you feel better. With good in your heart, I do not feel there is a wrong way to pray. Do this as often as you need to. Along with cleansing your spirit and crystals, recent studies have shown that smudging, does, in fact, kill airborne bacteria.

Another common way to cleanse is with SALT. There are different ways you can use the salt and there are different types of salt you can use. Since the salt has brought out the unwanted energies it should not be reused. Again, check to see if the crystal you have is compatible with salt.

After cleansing use water to rinse off and then dry. Different ways to use salt include:
  • Resting your crystal in salt- Time varies but at least 8 hours to overnight is a good place to start.
  • Salt rub- Make sure to keep a positive mind if you do this.
  • Glass bowl on top of salt- (for crystals that should not be exposed to salt directly) Again, 8 hours to overnight is a good place to start.

WATER is the ultimate cleanser. When I am having a bad day I just sit in the shower and let the water help wash away what is bothering me. While a shower does not make my problems go away I do feel better and recharged after a long, hot shower. I believe water is life and has power.

Different ways to use water include:
  • Flowing water- a waterfall, river, etc, is a wonderful way to cleanse. I don’t recommend running tap water as there are impurities in it.
  • Salt water soak- You should use purified water or mineral water.
  • Sea water is wonderful if you have access to it. You can let it soak anywhere from 1-7 days.

There are other ways to cleanse your crystals:
  • Sunlight- Allow to sit in the sun for a day and up to a week. Remember some crystals will fade.
  • Moonlight bathing. The day before, during and the day after a full moon are the ideal days to do this.
  • Crystal Cluster- Place on a large cluster for 12-24 hours.
  • Flowers- place in flowers for 24 hours.
  • Brown Rice- cover in rice for 24 hours. Throw rice away.
  • Visualization- This is more advanced and takes some practice.

There are many ways to cleanse and recharge your crystals. Do what you feel works best. Always believe in your intuition to guide you.

With love,
Garnet Summers

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All About Copper

General Copper Information

Copper is a versatile and ideal medium for metaphysical jewelry designers. Copper is a pure element that is a superconductive orange-red metal and it is prized for its ability to transmit heat and electric energy. Copper is a favored metal for jewelry designers because of its malleability and rich color variations depending on treatments. 

Much of the contemporary copper ores are in North, Central, and Southern Americas and Africa. The conductive properties of copper make this metal especially attractive to not only metaphysical jewelry designers but to engineers - whether they're building space technology or seafaring ships.

Copper was instrumental in bringing civilizations to new heights of industry. For example, copper plumbing was discovered in the ruins of the Indus River Valley in India dating back to 4,000 BC. Also, consider that Nikola Tesla's experiments with copper's conductive properties still have variables applicable in television and radio. Needless to say, copper's abundance and popularity have far reaching uses.

Copper's Benefits

As a metaphysical jewelry designer, copper's characteristics are very appealing. What potential good does copper have on a person? Copper uses range from cookware, weaponry, coin, and as a healing agent.

Ancient shamans and medicine men/women have been prescribing copper for aches and pains associated with arthritis, stomach problems and the treatment of venereal diseases. 

More recent research with copper has proven that copper has curative properties and immune boosting properties. Biologically, copper is an essential mineral in harmony with zinc. A deficiency in copper can create problematic illnesses. Copper helps the body create hemoglobin, which in turn carries oxygen to the body at a cellular level.

Copper's key role in this biological function was studied by researchers Cartwright, Gubler, Wintrobe in 1957, proving that copper could curve anemia and that iron is rendered rather ineffective in treating anemia in a copper deficiency. Interestingly enough, copper deficiency also decreases the lifespan of red blood cells...imagine the extra toll on the body in making more blood cells to carry nutrients throughout the body.

It's easy to make the claim: Copper increases your energy and maybe your life! Copper helps maximize blood production and longevity. In this way, it can potentially cure anemia, lower blood pressure, ease bone aches (this is where blood is made, in the bone marrow!).

Copper's properties are almost magical. It does transmit energy, but can it transmit thoughts and intentions? Some believe it does. I think Nikola Tesla certainly proved it via radio waves.

Does copper aid in healing? The evidence seems to support that claim! Copper has shown to extend the life of red blood cells, boost immunity, and aid in bringing oxygen to the body on a cellular level. How does it work? Copper supplements aren't exactly ideal because it's hard to measure just how much copper is ingested through the diet and in tap water with copper pipes. Yet, wearing copper jewelry appears to provide a venue for copper absorption through the skin. Problems with carpal tunnel have been said to be alleviated with copper rings and bracelets. It's possible that direct absorption in problem areas is effective relief.

Copper is antibacterial and is reportedly being used in hospitals in Europe to stop the spread of staph infections and other bacterial infections. Though the hospitals are using copper in a variety of applications they have found that just by replacing door knobs with solid copper they have drastically reduced the incidents of infection. 

To read more about copper, if it interests you, check out our article on our other website, Magpie Gemstones.

Copper Tarnish and the Dreaded Green Skin

Does copper leave a green mark on your skin? Not everyone who wears copper gets the green mark. Stress and diet (like too much junk food) can create an acidic environment on your skin. In the most simplistic terms, a green mark means you could use some lifestyle changes. Here is a link to a great book about acidic and alkaline diets and their effects on our health... "The Simplest Alkaline Diet Guide for Beginners + 46 Easy Recipes." 

Raw copper may leave a green mark on your skin. Some believe that the green marks indicate your body is eliminating toxins and/or absorbing copper. For example, put a penny in an acidic solution such as vinegar or lemon juice and eventually the liquid will turn a bluish green and the penny will go to a bright copper. The bluish green is the eliminated oxidation- or the green mark on your skin, especially if the skin oils or sweat is acidic. The green mark is the chemical reaction.

I, personally, prefer to leave my copper natural as it is an organic, healing component that is constantly interacting with me and my environment. Not only does it sends me messages about my health status but it also provides me with necessary nutrients and energy. I see it as a living element and I want it to go through its natural process. I really do like my jewelry to shine, though, so I will buff the surface periodically with a polishing cloth (more on that below). 

Will My Copper Jewelry Tarnish?

Chemically the copper oxidizes when it comes into contact with the heat, air, your skin oils, sweat, lotions, chlorinated pool water, etc. This oxidation may also tarnish the copper jewelry to a soft brown and left unchecked may darken it to a black. The quickest fix is to keep your copper jewelry clean and/or to create a barrier.

How to Keep your Copper Jewelry Clean and Shiny

To keep your patina finish copper clean, wipe your copper jewelry with a soft cloth dipped in warm water and mild soap. Rinse with clean water and thoroughly dry gently with a clean dry soft cloth. I like to put a small amount of coconut oil on my hands and then rub the piece of jewelry. Use this with caution and only if you know how the cord and gemstones will react to oil.

We recommend a sunshine cloth to polish your copper jewelry. However, proceed with caution, as a vigorous polish can completely remove a patina finish.

Do not use a silver polish for your copper jewelry, the silver polish can scratch and mar the soft copper surface.

*If your copper jewelry has tarnished to a black, you can either use a sunshine cloth to highlight-shine the copper. A sunshine cloth vigorously rubbed all over copper piece can remove all tarnish and patina, take it slow and look at your piece often while polishing.

*You can remove ALL tarnish/patina with a lemon and salt. Add salt directly to a lemon and scrub your jewelry,(repeat as necessary) then rinse with warm water and dry completely. WARNING- this will remove all tarnish and patina from your jewelry. To prevent any further air tarnish to your copper jewelry store your copper jewelry in a plastic bag in a cool dry place.

Barrier application- to avoid the green mark Apply ProtectaClear protective coating for metal to your jewelry piece and let it dry completely. This will create a barrier between your skin and the metal so that the copper can't oxidize with your skin oils, sweat or lotions. Reapply the coating once it wears off.

How to Patina Jewelry

Conversely, allow your copper to be exposed to air to patina naturally over time. You can also use LOS otherwise known as Stabilized Liver of Sulfur Patina Oxidation Gel to put a patina back onto copper. There are other ways as well. Check out our article on "Copper Patina" in our Magpie gem store. 

Ultimately, copper is a beautiful healing energetic metal. It makes life better. That's the end goal after all, how to make it better!

Article by Cesilia Cano
Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the information presented on this page expressed or implied about the suitability for healing or for curing diseases. The information here is provided for you to make your own decisions and has not been evaluated or approved by FDA or any other agencies. Information presented here is protected by copyright. If you should decide to use it you must link to this page as the source. **All articles, photos, and products are copyright. You can reprint these articles as long as the original author is sited and a link to this website is included.

Gemstones and Healing - How Does it Work?

Many people wonder how crystals and gemstones used for metaphysical purposes work for healing the mind, body, and soul. It is hard for some people to grasp exactly how they do work or to believe they work at all.

Who Am I?

I have been studying crystal healing for 30 years and most of what I have discovered has been through personal experience and intuition. I found that most of the information available out there is just shared from one source to another and not a lot of it is from personal experience.

I have always been interested in healing therapies, especially mega-vitamin, herbs, exercise, and hypnotherapy. I am a trained hypnotherapist and I have had the privilege to use my skills and ability to go deep into a state if receptivity to uncover how plants, minerals, and energy interact with me.

Over time I have learned to hear what these things are saying. It can be hard in our awake, conscious, mind, to feel their subtle messages. It really isn't subtle when you are able to tap into it but at first, it feels so. This article is my attempt to use conscious words to describe what I have discovered.

Vibrations of Gemstones

There is no doubt in my mind that the vibrations have an effect on us. Vibrations, really? Why yes, everything vibrates!

Atoms make up everything, we all learn that in elementary school but we seldom go deeper. How does an atom know to be a chair and not an ear? Vibrations that's how!.

The physical state of gas, liquid, and solid is determined by how fast an atom is vibrating. Vibrations pass through an atom informing it of what it is. It is not the atom that makes an ear but the vibration passing through it that does.

Everything vibrates at a different frequency but some things have a similar or harmonizing vibration.

How this impacts healing can be explained in the following example: Your joints require calcium. If you had to eat enough calcium to completely saturate your body so your joints received what they needed you would have to consume a ridiculously large amount. Instead, the specific vibration of calcium is attracted to the areas of your body that need it. That is how stones vibrating at different energies will help a particular area or issue. Similar and harmonious vibrations attract one another.

Healing (and illness) occurs on many levels. 
  • If your body doesn't have the vitamins and minerals needed
  • you are having thoughts that conflict with a healthy vibration 
  • you are in a toxic environment
these factors can contribute to a healing crisis.

Gemstones do not heal the illness, they help raise the proper vibration in conjunction with thoughts and nutrients etc. That is why if you are using crystals for healing but continue to eat things that are not harmonious with you, take substances that block your energy, live in emotional, spiritual or physical toxicity, then the crystal might not help. The vibration of gemstones can support the other work you are doing to heal.

Cleansing Your Gemstones

It is important to keep your gemstones cleansed and charged. Why? How?

Energy and vibrations have residue and as they pass through a crystal some of the energy can stick and be left behind. Any vibration can leave residue and must be cleansed. Crystals pick up energy from the place on the earth they were formed, from the other minerals around them, from the miners, cutters, sellers, buyers who have touched them, thoughts and feelings you have, etc., so it is really important to know how to cleanse them.

Minerals and gemstones, for the most part, share their energy and vibration and amplify energy around them, but they have small pockets that hold energy as well. If those pockets are filled with energy that is counter to what the gemstone vibrates at or to what you wish the gemstone to help you with then they need to be cleansed.

There are many ways to cleanse crystals and minerals. It is important to know something about the physical makeup of the rock for some techniques since they can harm them. For instance, you can't wash selenite in water since it is water soluble, you also can't use the sunshine to cleanse larimar as it will fade. 

You will find one that works for you, it has to be one that you intuitively feel strongly about because a lot of the cleansing is actually your vibration of believing the piece is clean.

Sage, salt, moonlight, earth, sunlight (some rocks fade) prayer, candle flame (amber burns) are all ways people use. Google search all the different ways people have found that works for them and experiment to find one you connect with. Also, check out our article by Garnet on cleansing gemstones

I have my personal preferences on how to cleanse gemstones. I regularly smudge my gems or run them over a candle flame. I use a crystal specifically for cleansing that I have been using for 30 years. In one hand I hold the crystal and use it to pull a great deal of energy into and through me and shoot it out of the crystal that I am holding in another hand while I recite a mantra or prayer. I use this statement to cleanse my gemstones "I am the light of the creator within, I am a clear and perfect channel, light is my guide", three times.

Charging Gemstones and Jewelry for Metaphysical Purposes

Once you have cleansed a piece, it is a good idea to charge it. 

Charging will ensure the residue left in the crystal is the vibration you are seeking. Since the crystal will amplify what is in it, you will want the residue to be what you are after as opposed to something you are not.

I breathe deeply three times and then take the gemstone and hold it over my third eye with my eyes closed. I visualize the outcome I want to and feel it as if it is a full reality. By that I mean I see it, feel it, smell it, and then push it into the crystal to charge it for the intended purpose.

It takes practice and time to be able to visualize powerfully with all of your senses so I advise beginners to complete the charging process by visualizing puppies, kittens, your child, or whatever fills you up with unconditional love and push that into the piece as well. That energy never hurts!

It's All in Your Mind

Some feel that crystal healing is "just" placebo. I am really okay with that belief being a hypnotherapist.

I strongly believe, based on experience, in the power of the mind. Even if that is the "only" thing going on it can sometimes be enough. I have seen people bend a metal rod with "just" their minds. Our minds and emotions also create chemicals and hormones that can have healing capabilities. The mind is a powerful tool to add to your treatment plan.

The vibrations we create with the power of belief instruct our energetic field and that is what creates everything, so when someone says "it's just in your mind", smile and say, I know, isn't that amazing? 

When we experience trauma, either emotional, spiritual, physical or mental it causes a block similar to residue left in a crystal that I talked about earlier except it's left as residue in us. It is an energetic little lump in our energy field. To clear it we have to go to a higher vibration to move it along. Imagine a power washer on a sidewalk with a garden hose removing a pile of dirt. Eventually, it will cleanse off in the rain naturally, hopefully, but actively going after it with a strong flow of "energy" moves it along much more quickly. Crystals can help us to really amp up that energy and get things moving along and flowing. So cleanse your crystal and charge it and in return, it will do the same for you.


Being mindful and repetition is like a boost to that "garden hose" I mentioned earlier. Mindfulness is noticing what is happening in and around you and also choosing a new pattern or energy.

Reinforcing the energetic pattern, repeating ­­­­­your intent, praying, being grateful, gives boosts to those trains of energy you want to create.

Having a "ritual" or pattern around your healing crystals and jewelry amplifies and builds the energy.

What if I Think Negatively?

Fake it until you make it!

You will often hear people say "don't give energy to unhelpful energy patterns." People think that means stuff them, ignore them, stay in denial, but I have learned that gives them energy! Instead look at them, allow them, acknowledge them, and let them be. Then move onto the pattern you want to encourage consciously.

Not giving them energy means to not allow them to rule your experience. They are not there to be judged or make you feel like a failure. They just are. You can't become aware of them, nor can you call in their opposite if you deny them.

You can, instead, laugh, acknowledge, watch and then make a conscious effort to think, act, and say the opposite or an alternative.

Hold your jewelry and do this simultaneously and eventually your jewelry will be so highly charged that when the unhelpful vibration occurs all you have to do is touch the piece and your energy pattern and thoughts will shift.


It is really hard for me to express everything I know into such a short article. I hope I was able to get across some of what I understand and to give you a clearer perception of the very basics of metaphysical crystal healing.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the information presented on this page expressed or implied about the suitability for healing or for curing diseases. The information here is provided for you to make your own decisions and has not been evaluated or approved by FDA or any other agencies. Information presented here is protected by copyright. If you should decide to use it you must link to this page as the source. **All articles, photos, and products are copyright. You can reprint these articles as long as the original author is sited and a link to this website is included.

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