December 29, 2009

Kingman Nugget Earrings

Natrural Kingman nuggets with Ithaca Peak Rondelles. These collectable natural seafoam nuggets absolutely glow next to skin. They are electric!

Long Kingman Nugget Necklace

Kingman natural nuggets with Ithaca Peak Rondelles on Greek Leather.

December 20, 2009


I was asked to make a piece of jewelry for this gorgeous man by his partner. No color or stone ideas . . . nothing. Just make something that would suit him.
It looks perfect! This is the first time I have received a picture back of a piece from the owner with it on. I was tickled.

Magpie Gemstones ~ Gorgeous discount prices gemstone beads.

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Kingman Nugget Necklaces

Oh these are sweet. Big, natural turquoise nuggets from the Kingman Arizona mine with large holes just perfect for high quality Greek leather to fit through. Big Ithaca Peak Rondelles surrounded in heavy sterling. These are defintely one of a kind.

Soon to be in Szarkas

December 6, 2009

Labradorite Copper Swirl Necklace

These beauties are from labradorite that could not be sold. They were luscious stones with "issues". I love the challenge of taking a stone with badly drilled holes and giving it the life it deserves as a necklace that will be cherished. These rustic labradorite and ruby necklaces are a Christmas Special for $85.00 in my store soon. This is a limited run of four necklaces.

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