June 6, 2009

Creative Slump

I have not made jewelry in a long time. Every time I look at my work bench I become nauseous. I thought it was a deep seated psychological issue. Maybe I was working too hard on the bead business. I was at a loss.

Acupuncture, movement workshops, self help books, and more trying to figure out the creativity crash.

I decided I would never make jewelry again. I thought reverse psychology might work.

Everyday, hundreds of times a day I came up with a new design ......... but would not do it.

I went to a jewelry meet up the other day and someone made a crack about my looking at my wire from the end of my extended arm and about my 40 year old eyes needing glasses. Someone else remarked how I use those cheater reading glasses and I piped up with the fact that they make me so nauseous after I make something I am motion sick for the rest of the night.


So my body has been reacting in advance to the torture I was about to put it through.

I guess I either need minions to make my designs or .......... I have to go get real glasses eh?

Lets hope jewelry starts to spike out of me once I have them on. I will post a picture. Oy.


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Shay Stone said...

I certainly hope that glasses do the trick for you Szarka. I miss seeing those awesome creations of yours, and we all know how awful those slumps are (well I know I do!) Just plain horrible. Good luck to you and may your creativity just take off and run rampant!

Leslie Todd said...

My eyes would dry out and hurt after a while on the computer. One day I sat down at the screen and my eyes immediately went into spasm. I got a sharp stabbing pain. I had to get a glare screen and switch from contacts to glasses. At least when it comes to eyes your body does seem to learn to react in advance!

ChezChani said...

At least you're not pregnant ;-)

Szarka said...

Oh my gosh .......... thanks for putting everything into perspective.

Carol said...

Don't worry about it!! I've had these glasses for about 10 years now. First I got bifocals because I only needed them to read and didn't want to have to take them off and on. Then I started using the computer all the time and went to trifocals. So what!

The Beading Gem said...

Time for a trip to the optometrist, Szarka! I already are on the graduated lenses but lately the section which I need most (computer, jewelry making distance) is inadequate. I think I will get a special pair just for those activities.

SweetwaterGifts said...

I turn 40 on Monday, but have been nearly blind (by most people's standards) since I was 10. Without my glasses all I see are blurry shapes! Thank God my near vision is super - but I still use one of those magnifying lights so I don't have to strain.

When I had a "real" job on the computer all day - my back would hurt and I couldn't get through an hour before my eyes would literally start twitching and I would get a headache! Doctors couldn't fix it. No more "real" job, no more problems!

Don't worry - they even make contacts now that are bifocal!

indigogarden said...

Why not try an optivisor? I got a cheap one with several lenses. I just flip down the lens over my glasses as I'm working. I felt motion sick at first, but after a time you get used to them. Now I even wear the thing to shows. The kids look at me with curiosity, but the customers seem to like it. Makes me look like a "jeweler". LOL

Beaded Zen said...

Oh my...you in a slump swearing not to make jewelry again?! hush that thought, get the glasses and tackle that bench.

We all go thru times like this it seems...the trick is not to get stuck...something i'm still struggling with ;)

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