February 22, 2009

Labradorite Hammered Circle Earrings

Amazing fire in these labradorite briolettes. One flashes blue/green and the other green/blue. The ear wires are 18 guage so not for the timid. I attempted to wire over the cut in the ring. Sounds easier than it was.


Herman Falcon said...

Very, very nice. Your creativity is only matched by your carftwomanship. I have to do more copper design and get these Swamp Yankee snobs to love copper as much as you guys in the southwest.
again my compliments.

Anonymous said...

These are drop-dead gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your talent and creativity.

Cattrix said...

Very Nice, and I don't think they look sloppy at all!
Love the texturing..

Barbra in AK said...

Szarka - so rustic and elegant. Two of my favortie materials - copper and labradorite! It looks great - not sloppy - it's just the nature of handcoiling. Good conceal - I don't see the cut. Love the bail.

Michelle said...

Very nice! I really like how you attached them to the ear wires!

Anonymous said...

ALL of your jewelry is absolutely gorgeous. I strive to one day be as creative and talented.

Dana said...

Gorgeous! Y'all know I love copper!

Anonymous said...

Exquisite earring you create there. Seems like your creativity is limitless

Vibrant Jewels said...

I'm giving you an award b/c your site is fabu! come on over and pick it up!

Beaded Zen said...

Love the earrings. The color combo is wonderful but then I'm a copper lover so I'm bias =)

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