February 5, 2009

Damale Necklace Set

What I made with the damale necklace my husband got me for my birthday. The beads were made by Bill Murdoch. You can see the original necklace here http://www.szarkaslife.blogspot.com/


Dana said...

Oh yes, much nicer, Szarka! I like what you did with it.

Kim said...

Nice , and it looks great on together. Chunky , casual and sexy - can't complain :)Are your earrings heavy? They look very cool with the cording but I had to wonder lol. The photography throws me on size sometimes.

Barbara said...

Your work is stunning and I cannot believe I won one of your beautiful necklaces. I am just thrilled!

I've sent you an email with my mailing address.

Thanks you so much for this wonderful surprise.


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