February 22, 2009

Labradorite Hammered Circle Earrings

Amazing fire in these labradorite briolettes. One flashes blue/green and the other green/blue. The ear wires are 18 guage so not for the timid. I attempted to wire over the cut in the ring. Sounds easier than it was.

Broken Hearted Turquoise and Shell

Blue turquoise nuggets with peach hesihi shell and a sterling heart that has a bump in it. I bought it because it reminded me of .......... me.

February 5, 2009

Damale Better Picture

Beads by Bill Murdoch. Jewelry design by Szarka of www.MagpieGemstones.com

Damale Necklace Set

What I made with the damale necklace my husband got me for my birthday. The beads were made by Bill Murdoch. You can see the original necklace here http://www.szarkaslife.blogspot.com/

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