July 29, 2007

Raven's Precious ~ Emerald, Ruby, Saphire

Brass and Glass Earrings

July 26, 2007

Berry Dowry

Multistrand Peruvian Pink Opal, Ruby, and Saphire. Sterling silver wired closure extends the necklace from 16 inches to 19 inches. Lucious! All the beads have large enough holes to take 20 gauge wire which is always a nice surprise. They can be found at http://www.turquoisemagpie.com/

July 22, 2007

Little Lady

Burgundy and purple Tourmaline covered with sterling. Adjustable with a lobster clasp. Very hard to capture on film. The Tourmaline is rich and gemmy.

July 21, 2007

Tourmaline Rainbow

Tear drop Tourmaline cascades off of a rainbow of Tourmaline rounds. A few burgundy Tourmaline puff cushions crawl up the neck. Can be worn with the wire work showing or not. Adjustable sterling wire wrapped closure attatched.

Rhodonite Mountain Woman

One of the favorite beads I have in the store are these facetted Rhodonite Rondells http://tinyurl.com/3b7exn . Once on a walk on a remote beach on Vancouver Island I came across a cave that had been created by the water from high tide. It was low tide so I walked in and sat down. It was dark at first but as my eyes adjusted to the darkness I realized the entire cavern that was 8 to 10 feet deep and about 6 feet high was made completely out of polished Rhodonite. It was amazing. These rondells with their pink color and shine remind me of that cave.

This necklace runs 30 inches and all beads are Rhodonite and solid copper with the exception of the chain which I believe is copper plated. I am hoping it will patina into a black to match the matrix in the various Rhodonite stones.

Simple Matching earrings available.

Lapis Lizard

Sterling and Lapis full of Pyrite. What else is there to say?

Green Opal Summer

Graduated Mother of Pearl, Turquoise, Copper Pearls and Sterling wire show case an amazing chunk of Green Opal.

Texas Bound

Peridot, Sunstone and Sterling. I made this tonight to take to the Austin meet up where a whole bunch of lovely ladies have agreed to meet with me. I am heading over to look for a home and to move my business south. Wish me safe travels.

Citrine and Saphire Dragonfly with Earrings

Clay Jeani's Dragonfly is perfectly matched with Moonstone, Sapphires and faceted Citrine. This piece is luscious.
The two necklaces can be worn seperately. The smallest is 15 inches the longer runs 16 inches. A custom wire wrapped extention can be made to lengthen the piece upon request.
The earrings sell seperately at $25.

Gateway to Spring

Yellow Turquoise, Pearls, Tiger Iron, Peridot rounds, Amber Nugget and Turquoise Barrels all come together in harmony focused on this amazing wire wrapped Cabachon. Fully adjustable with a hand wired brass chain.

Mossy Rocks (sold)

Yellow Turquoise Cabachon, Turquoise tubes and Amber Nuggets and brass.

Silver and Herringbone Turquoise

This is my signature necklace. I have been wearing one for years and I am always asked to make one for sale. The picture does NOT do it justice. The beautiful blue turquoise just gets better with wear and the silver antiquing naturally makes it look deep and lucious. It is adjustable and can be made bigger to fit any neck. I will be making another with Sleeping Beauty nuggets soon.

Turquoise and Gaspeite

This piece makes a statement. Turquoise nugget protected by Dead Sea trade beads float on a ring of beautifully hand carved gaspeite rondelles. Fully adjustable with sterling hand wired links and turquoise rounds. So simple. So amazing.

Turquoise - Coral - Gaspeite

This amazing turquoise focal bead blends perfectly with sponge coral rondelles and rice. The green gaspeite hand carved rondells pull the green in the focal and balance it nicely with the lime green Dead Sea beads. The antique dead sea beads next to the focal are made from Dead Sea mud, once used for trade and now for your necklace. Carefully wire wrapped links in Sterling make this adjustable.

Golden Rocks

Gold pearls and 25mm turquoise nuggets surround the neck as a choker (16 inches), but with the super extender can be worn as long as 31 inches. The silver chain dangling down your back with the turquoise nugget wired on to the end is a wonderful look with an open backed dress or shirt.

Campitos Turquoise Custom Necklace

Campitos Turquoise Custom Necklace

An elegant blend of 7mm to 12mm Campitos Turquoise potato nuggets, accented with sterling silver links and clasp. The Campitos nuggets have natural inclusions of pyrite.

The length of the necklace is adjustable from approximately 17 to 20 inches.

White Water

I broke into the private stash to make this bracelet. It is made with a take off on the herringbone weave but this one can roll around since there is no front or back to it. Lots of silver and some very precious baby blue White Water mine natural nuggets. The bracelet is adjustable. Contact me to ensure size. ssszarka@gmail.com

Magpie Woman

White Water turquoise (the best we have in the store http://www.turquoisemagpie.com/ ) pearls and a beautiful "Clay Jeani" focal bead.

Men's Turquoise Nugget Necklace

Sterling and large oval nuggets surround the neck with 22 inches of turquoise. This was made for a gentleman who asked "where are the men's necklaces?". Large toggle clasp in the back. The focal nugget is 1 1/4 inches by 1 inch. All the ladies will say uuuh lala!

Turquoise Nugget

There are five of these sweet things made for EBay. They run 18 1/2 to 21 1/4 with the extender chain. These turquoise necklaces are from the private stash. Beautiful blue green. The kind of necklace that will go with anything. The focal nuggets run over an inch long on average.

The Empress

Ooo Lala. I like. This is actually two necklaces on one clasp, and so they can be worn seperately.

The smaller is 17 1/2 inces, and the larger is 20 1/2 inches. Natural colour and slightly stabilized turquoise nuggets (the good stuff from the private stash), amethyst and sterling.

The pendant is wire wrapped and measures 3 1/2 by 1 3/4. Dark, mysterious, bold. If you would like this piece to be longer I can hand wire an extention chain ................ just let me know.

Sleeping Beauty Eggs

A lucious strand of 45 grams of sleeping beauty strung up into a 20 inch necklace with a sterling toggle clasp. The eggs run from just over a half inch large and graduate down to a quarter of an inch.

Spiral Dance

This hand blown glass bottle by Noel asked to be married with Moonstone, Apatite, Labradorite, Green Jade, Lapis Lazuli and Sterling. There is no way to do this necklace justice with a meer photo. The blues in the Labradirite bouncing off of the blues in Moonstone and mimicing the spiral swirls through out the glass. The beads also spiral around the neck. A sight to behold. The necklace adjusts with Sterling hand wired links of Lapis and Jade 18 1/2 to 22 inches. The bottle with working cork to hide your special jojo is 2 inches long and 1 inch wide.

Raku Night Pearl Goddess

My daughter named this one. :)

I think I might just keep it. The colours are perfect. Raku, Garnet, Ruby and Blood Stone with heaps of Sterling. Garnet heishi circles the neck. It attatches on the side and can be adjusted from 20 to 24 inches with hand wired Sterling links. The hand blown Goddess from Noel is over 3 inches by one inch.

Ruby and Sugilite

I made myself a necklace last night in the wee hours. I have a bunch of silver soldered cabs to use up and I am preparing for a trunk show. This one is a keeper for moi. I love the color in this sugilite. The rubies are for sale in my store. They have surprisingly big holes. I almost stopped stringing it to use wire instead, but I had the plan to make this so kept with it. I love it.

Changed my mind. I will let it go for $99. Email me for size ssszarka@gmail.com

Industrial Victorian

This thick with silver yet delicate choker is a strong statement. There is nothing dainty about it yet it is so feminine. Dangling amethyst and glass beads accenting almost 30 grams of sterling silver will not go unnoticed. It measures 15 1/2 to 17 inches depending on the bend in the centre wire. The center piece amethyst facetted nugget hang down 3 inches. The nugget is 15 by 10 mm. Nice. Stunning.

New Jade Peridot Copper Crochet Necklace (sold)

This was my first attempt at wire crochet. I had of course worked with wire, and knitted it in a spool, but never crocheted with a hook. I finally found some wire tiny enough as I usually only buy big wire. I was impressed with the outcome. It is super flexible and it does not have sharp corners that would feel uncomfortable like I thought it might. I have been having a blast. I can crochet so fast that I can whip one of these out in record time. It took me longer to put the end caps on than anything else. $29.95

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