July 21, 2007

Bronzite Goddess

This long necklace can be doubles up or pulled around the neck as in the picture. Runs 36 inches long or 18 inches doubled up with the focal pulled through the chain. Copper, Clay, and Bronzite.


Natalie/seasum63 said...

Damn Girl!! You know I know the name from the jewelery sites but when I pulled up this pic it brought tears to my eyes, This is an AWSOME piece. Forgive me, slightly emotional,menopausal? Anyway, been right there with you on the rought road of life, and burnt too, currently spend way to much time in this chair but for now tis my path, Acceptance is easy to preach but some days I need someone to get out the duct tape and help this girl out..lol not quite sure where your blogging from,? your not home,right? Where ever it is, sending all my light, Thanks for bringing that feeling to me this early in the day it will allow me to carry on with my strength for those that are in need, Surrounded these days,Refreshing and feeding my soul is a daily need that I frequently forget to feed until way to late.
Thanx again,

Dedra said...

I just had to say, I have never seen anything of yours that i wouldn't love to own or know 20 other women that would, but this is amazing...absolutely amazing. I still have so much to learn, so much skill to aquire, and so many things to collect. I hope that eventually I make things that draw people to stare the way every one of yours do. Thank you so much for sharing what you do.

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