November 20, 2009

Dallas Gem Show and Moonstone Swirl.

Hello Dallas. After a harrowing drive through rain we made it to the Dallas Gem and Mineral show. We set up and then found a Denny's by our hotel for some yummy greasy eggs and intriguing people listening. It's like people watching but just slightly more polite.

I am anticipating the vendors opening up tomorrow that we couldn't sneak peaks at today since they were set up and gone. The thin table covers hiding their wares almost made them invisible but definitely off limits.

There looks like there will be a lot of gems, playing, and information flying at this one. It's a big show. Nice room too with awesome lighting. Looks like it was built for trade shows.

Last night before I went to bed a piece of moonstone sucked me in and asked to be made up into this beauty.

The grey (black) moonstone focal is just darling and all cat's eye. The labradorite is a bit rough but was exactly the right hue. The moonstone even has a few flashes of red that play off the garnets. I like it.

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Catherine said...

Beautiful necklace, Szarka!

Szarka said...

Aw thanks Catherine!

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