April 19, 2008

Labradorite Tooth

Kyanite Chaos

Tibetan Copper

Brass and Turquoise Nugget

April 18, 2008

Simple Turquoise Nugget

Eye of the Tiger

Simple copper herringbone in 14 gauge. Woooo hard on the fingers. Has a really earthy feel. My husband is wearing one. Looks good on a guy.

Tiger Eye Earrings

Oh these luscious tiger eye ovals and tear drops kept calling me from overstock so here they make their debut. Simple but it shows off the stone and the chatoyancy.

April 10, 2008

Kyanite Bracelets

Playing with kyanite. I have a slew of new kyanite in. The green is gorgeous and will be going in soon. This was a strand that was "bad" so I had to keep it. It didn't match any of the other ones so ....... I couldn't sell it online. The first bracelet is just hammered copper with a kyanite oval. The second is mixed with cats eye moonstone ovals. They are gorgeous though a bit inconsistent in size. Nice cats eye though and I picked up 150 strands, all they had. It will run about $4 a strand in the www.magpiegemstones.com wholesale gem store when I get them in. These pieces are for sale on my jewelry site. The last one was so much work but I am not sure I like how it turned out. The half round brass was very inconsistent in its hardness and was difficult to get it to sit perfect. I may just have to keep her. She realy looks much better in person, probably because it's not a close up. I don't look so good close up either .

Campitos Set with Purple Spiney Oyster Shell

Yummy baby blue Campitos Turquoise with silver matrix set with sterling chain and purple Spiney Oyster shell. Available on my site at www.szarkas.com also the spiney oyster shell is available at www.magpiegemstones.com . My supplier is trying to track down more of the A grade for me so soon we will have a bunch I hope.

Campitos Ring

Beautiful natural Campitos Turquoise from Mexico. It is almost exactly like Sleeping Beauty Turquoise but maybe just a shade darker with amazing silver matrix inclusions. It has been hard to get ahold of any as it has been stopped at the border for awhile for a number of reasons. Hopefullly soon we will be able to get more of this beautiful blue darling. This piece and a number of other pieces I am making up will be on my site www.szarkas.com if you would like to see some nuggets I may still have some in the store at www.magpiegemstones.com

April 4, 2008

Rhyolite Totem $80

Rhyolite, Green Garnet ovals and Turquoise tubes bring out the subtle variation in Clay Jeani's high fired porcelain Totem beads. Gorgeous.

Tiger Eye Man $75

I am trying to make jewelry for men with the Clay Jeani focals. I find that men are attracted to them. The coral rounds are an exact match to the owl's eyes. The rough tiger eye nuggets mimic the high gloss browns in the focal.

April 3, 2008


The opals are here and in the store. Oh they are gorgeous. Here is a full strand to see the length and the graduation. The fire is so beautiful but hard to capture on film. If you really look you can catch a glimpse here and there. It is kind of how it is with them in real life as well. The fire is bright but subtle and ellusive because of the shape of the bead and each is oriented differently every bead fires at a different angle. Amamzingly sweet. Click here to go back to the store.

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