March 28, 2006

Cabs and Silver

Finally I am wire wrapping again. My muse has been on vacation so I used google images to inspire me. This was just me getting my pliers dusted off and in use again. My four year old daughter refused to go to bed one evening so I pulled out the wires and got these wrapped up between midnight and 5 AM. The one is an Eni Tutorial I decided to buy at about 3 AM. :)

These are slated for necklaces and the trunk show I have coming up. They will sell from $18 to $45


Anonymous said...

WoWWW.... You're good!! I love your creativity in wirewrapping!! :-) That's the best looking cabochon pieces I have ever seen. Also loved your jewellery pieces. Very nice. :-)

Ontario (Canada)

Anonymous said...

Hi Szarka,

I am interested in the third cab down from the top. It's a silvery gray. How much is that one?


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