September 15, 2008

Simple Hammered Swirls.

Black Australian Opal

Turquoise Nuggets and Spiney Oyster set

Larimar Medley

September 10, 2008

A Give Away

I am giving away a necklace in the month of September to a customer or anyone who sends me a post card with their address on it. Sooooo I have been making necklaces trying to find one that I can do that with. I told humans it would be made from silver but I really like how this copper one turned out. Maybe I will give them a choice? Back to the drawing board to make more.

My client's are amazing people. Many have become friends and their warmth and friendship as well as their immense creativity makes me happy to wake up every morning and get to work. In trying to think of a way to repay them I thought of making a necklace out of the best labradorite I have and giving it away.
Just send me a post card by midnight Sept 30 2008 with your mailing address on it to Szarka PO Box 1410 San Marcos Texas 78667 and I will throw it into the box with the names, or head into the bead store and make an order and I will put your name in the box from your invoice. We will choose the winner the first week of October and announce the winner by October 15th 2008 in the newsletter. I will be making more pieces so the winner can choose whatever piece they would like to have.

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