August 27, 2006

Blue Silver Bracelet (sold)

Bali Princess (sold)

This "Bali Princess" wire wrap necklace is loaded with stunning Sterling Silver, Turquoise, Baltic amber, and rich soft apricot Mediterranean Coral. The large Turquoise nuggets measure 20 by 30 mm, and the Amber 10 by 25mm. The "Princess" has Sterling Silver hair flowing on her crown. The necklace closure is custom designed to be adjustable from 19 inches to 25 inches to fit inside any neckline. The princess face dangles down 3 1/2 inches to give the necklace a pleasing line.

August 25, 2006

Cobalt Goddess (sold)

A Charming Charm necklace. Looks great choker lenth (as short as you want) and looks stunning hanging it's full 27 inches. Heck it could even be wrapped around the wrist for a killer bracelet. Raku and hand blown glass donuts and focal by Noel, wire wrapped onto a 27 inch long chain with a loster clasp.

Candy Store Bracelets

I have been busy filling the $15 board with bracelets. Here are just a few. When I do a show I have a board of these and a board of simple $25 dollar necklaces, and $7 rings. They pay the booth space.

I make up six of the same design in three different sizes. Even with the extender chain it seems to help. The large ones also double as anklets.

August 23, 2006

Custom Cabs (sold)

These are two cabs I wire wrapped up for clients. One was in exchange for some lovely Michigan lake rocks (Kitt from ) and the other was for a dear friend who is moving away and she wanted to order it before she left.

August 12, 2006

Earthy Mother (sold)

This 26 1/2 inch necklace is amazing. It is full of Wild Horse turquoise roundels and labradorite rounds. The rondells start at 17 mm and graduate down to 7 mm behind the neck of the necklace. Two sizes of labrodorite rounds, 6 mm and 8 mm give this piece a nice flow. The attention getting center piece is made from a jade pendant with two fish carved into it and wire wrapped with sterling silver wire. The large clay bead that hangs above the centerpiece is hand formed by an Oregon artist named Dana. The centerpiece hangs down 3 1/4 inches and is 2 inches wide. This will look great this fall and winter over that earth colored turtle neck. It can also be seen in my EBay store at .

August 10, 2006

Stone Woman (sold)

Adjustable from 20 1/2 to 26 inches. Sterling wire wrapped extender, bold and surprising. Turquoise, tiger eye, and african picture jasper nestle her in a sea of silver. The clay formed piece is from Clay Jeani. All sterling finding and beads were used.

The picture does not do her justice. The turquoise nugget on the bottom is not overwheming in person and the nugget nestles just below her.

Medusa (sold)

Can't you just see this on a red head? Medusa 1 3/4 inch round pendant hand formed by Clay Jeani. The gaspeite rondells, turquoise and orange aventurine match her perfectly. It is 18 1/2 inches but an extender chain can be added with ease.

Through the Looking Glass (sold)

This piece took over. I do not know who it is for but it built itself. It is not something I would usually make. Turquoise, tiger eye, and three hand made clay beads by "Clay Jeani". Is this one yours?

Twenty-six inches, and the pendent measures 1 3/4 by 2 1/4 inces. Huge turquoise nuggets, facetted tiger eye eggs, and sterling silver. This is a bold and interesting piece.

Turquoise Bear Woman (sold)

This is from the new mine run turquoise in the store ( ) pearls and a bear woman by "Clay Jeani". Necklace measures 20 inches. The pendant is 1 by 2 inches. The turquoise runs 7 to 11 mm each. Beautiful baby blue.

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