July 31, 2006

Hematite Custom Cabs

July 1, 2006

Raku Water Woman (sold)

Washington Clay artist "Clay Jeanie" has inspired my hands to do some amazing bead stringing. This double strand raku and blood stone beauty is adjustable with an extender chain. Who is going to be the lucky person to live with this wonder and give her the home she deserves?

Turtle Mountain (sold)

This hand made clay bead by Washington artist "Clay Jeanie" is one of a kind. It accentuates the A grade malachite, new jade, and raku. Fully adjustable with attached chain.

Triple Asparagus (sold)

Faceted Olive Jade pillows and tubes surround the neck in this three strand beauty. It is beautifully wire worked in the back with copper adjustable closure which accents the small copper beads. Amazing color. Feels rich.

Tiger Eye and Gaspeite (sold)

This turquoise nugget (yes it is brownish greenish orange - amazing) just begged to be married to these hand carved gaspeite roundelles and tiger's eye cubes. There will never be another like it. Wow. Adjustable size and I can make it even longer! This necklace made it into "Her Accessories". That wonderful plug can be seen here http://www.heraccessories.com/szarkas-designs/

Old Turquoise (sold)

Lucious old "been around the block" turquoise. Amazing greens and blues and browns. Sweet.

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