February 27, 2010

Broken Arrow Varascite and Purple Spiny Oyster


February 24, 2010

Wild Horse Variscite

A Royston boulder cut cabochon from Nevada with Utah Variscite Graduated Heishi and Wild Horse Magnesite barrels. Wrapped in Sterling.

Will soon be available in www.szarkas.com

February 10, 2010

Spiny Mermaid Queen

There is nothing subtle about this piece. It is big in every way and makes a statement. I can't wait to meet the woman who can put this one on her neck. Spiny huge rondelles with turquoise nuggets hiding in between. A gorgeous natural spiny oyster shell and large sterling cones. It measures 24 inches. Looks amazing on. http://www.szarkas.com/catalog/item/5890297/7696168.htm

Broken Arrow Varisite, Spiny Oyster

Again with the heishi. This gorgeous natural Broken Arrow varisite rondelle from Bill really brought the piece together I feel. The nugget is a gorgeous specimen. http://www.szarkas.com/catalog/item/5890332/7696148.htm

Spiny Oyster, Varisite and a Turquoise Rose

I struggle with the heishi shape, I struggle a lot. Here is an attempt to make it pop. I love the colors together. Beautiful orange spiny oyster graduated heishi with graduated varisite and a carved and sterling wire wrapped rose. http://www.szarkas.com/catalog/item/5890332/7696139.htm

Tiger Eye Wave Necklace

This focal was picked up in a loose bag of odds and ends at a supplier. I had no idea what was in the bag until I opened it up. The focal was a knockout. I kept the necklace simple to show it off. It measures 20 inches and can be found for sale on my site www.szarkas.com or http://www.szarkas.com/catalog/item/5890178/7696175.htm

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