December 27, 2007

Kyanite Chunk (185.00)

I found these Kyanite nuggets on my last trip to the warehouse to stock up on gemmies for the opening of my new wholesale Gem Store and I couldn't resist ripping apart a strand and wiring it together with thick sterling.

I picked up a small flat of kyanite raw rocks awhile back but was never able to get them in the store. They were each so different it was hard to build a listing. I made it so the foacl is removable. The fire is glorious.

I have a few strands in the store.

Sunset Custom Order (sold)

I made up these beautiful amonite cabochons for a lady in Austin. Wrapping the neck cabs was a labor of love. It is hard to see how they were wrapped but their is no beginning and no end. It was one of those - "I think this will work in my head" things that took four hands and three tongues bit just right in the cheek to manifest into reality. I felt like I won the superbowl when I got them to perfectly match.

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